Loomis Property
Houston, Texas

The Loomis property was acquired by Property Income Advisors, Inc. on behalf of a Gulf-based private client during March 2013.  Constructed as a build-to-suit in 2012, the 30,220 square foot property is subject to a new 15-year lease to Loomis, an international leader in the cash handling services industry.  Located in Houston, Texas, the property maintains a strategic location for the storage, pick-up and delivery of cash to financial institutions, retailers and other commerce related businesses.

Purchased at a price of  $4.375 million on an all-cash basis, the investor was interested in acquiring a newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility leased on a long-term basis to a financially strong tenant within a high growth region of the U.S.  This investment met all of these parameters and provides the client with a steady and secure long-term income stream.

Responsibilities:  Acquisition and Asset Management